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The future of Africa’s wildlife lies in the hands of its conservation leaders

Africa’s wildlife and its habitats are endangered, if not at risk of extinction. To change this trajectory, Africa needs more impactful, ethical leaders in wildlife conservation.

The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation is changing this trajectory in Africa by:

  1. improving the effectiveness of current professionals in conservation,
  2. developing the next generation of conservation leaders, and
  3. building sustainable bridges between conservation and other sectors (public or private).

We aim to create a movement of capable, ethical African leaders who understand that wildlife — and the environment — is one of Africa’s greatest assets. When managed well, this asset will yield significant benefits to local communities and entire nations.

You can impact the leadership of wildlife conservation in Africa

The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation has already awarded $660,000 in scholarships to current and future leaders in wildlife conservation. As of 2017, we are proud to sponsor:

  • At least 10 professionals in ALU School of Business’s MBA for Conservation Leaders
  • A further 22 undergraduate students who specialize on conservation studies

Your contribution will provide even more access and support to current, or future, leaders in these programmes. Ultimately, your support will change the trajectory of wildlife conservation in Africa.

Please visit the ALU School of Wildlife Conservation website for more information.

Richard Ndiga“I work in conservation and sustainability and now have a wider view of the work that I do and greater insight to Pan African aspects. I’ve developed a new way of looking at leadership. It’s about building character, building people and being built as well! I’m happy and grateful to be on this exciting journey!”

— Richard Ndiga
MBA for Conservation Leaders, Class of 2019

Support Africa and its future leaders in wildlife conservation.

Tax deductible donations from the US can be made via our fiscal sponsor, Empowers Africa:

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All donations made via this platform are used for the sole purpose of providing financial support to the education programs of ALU School of Wildlife Conservation and its recipient students.
ALU partners with the Foundation for African Leadership (FFAL) to provide financial support to students across the continent who otherwise would not be able to access our programs. The Foundation is registered entity incorporated in Mauritius under the Mauritian Foundations Act.